Born and bred on the Jersey shore before its reputation was ruined by MTV, Eileen Roche grew up as number three in a line of six sisters. Living in a resort town with a short season taught Eileen to work hard, look for opportunity, and enjoy what you're doing. That attitude has served her well as she's lived in six different states, raised two great kids, built a company that's inspired thousands of embroiderers, and has loved every minute of it.

Eileen is considered an expert in the machine embroidery industry. Founder and editor of Designs in Machine Embroidery magazine, Eileen has invented many products that embroiderers depend on to make machine embroidery more successful, including the patented In The Hoop™ Angle Finder, Snap-Hoop, Quick-Snap and Stipple! design collections. Eileen is also the author of nine books, all on machine embroidery.

She is a frequent guest on PBS-TV's Sewing With Nancy, is the resident embroidery expert on PBS-TV's It's Sew Easy television programs and has the prestigious appointment of being the first machine embroidery instructor on Craftsy. She travels the country conducting hands-on Stitching Sisters embroidery seminars with her sister, Marie Zinno.

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